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KITAAAAAA! Darkstalkers tribute and tadaima

Hallo & tadaima :>

Yay I’m back from Japan. It was a very awesome trip. It was only for 10 days this time, but it felt surprising long; like four weeks instead. It was with 7 other people, but they seemed to really enjoy it too. YAY! A whole lot of art book, animation book, clothes shopping, eating so on and so forth. But it was sad because no one joined me for some public bath action because no one was too keen on the idea. Boo~ Poo~ (Even though the group consisted of 6 guys and 2 girls; I wanted them to experience how good Japanese baths are. Ah well, I certainly enjoyed it on my own. Nyahahaaaaha)

On another note, my Darkstalkers Tribute book came (/T^T)/ !!!!
It’s hard cover and everything *cries*
And yes, it is my first published artwork (>///<)
It’s got a whole lot of amazing artwork and feel really honored to be a part of it.
I recommend it to any big Darkstalkers fans out there or even to anyone that loves vampirey, monstery stuff . Totes worth it

I’m sure many of you have seen this already but I will put up the piece that got in.

Hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend 🙂


from the Makoto bunny

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